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"Let us Build You a Sunset"

Turning Your Vision Into Reality
Art Work Masonry​​ does custom one-of-a-kind creations-from fireplaces to fountains! One of our specialties is outdoor kitchens for real “southern living.”

Our office is centrally located in Murrells Inlet, SC, our work is found in areas from Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC all the way to Columbia, SC.

Estimates in the local area (30-mile radius) are at no charge. Areas further than 30 miles require a non-refundable deposit, which will be credited to your account upon job acceptance.

All our jobs are individually created for private homeowners, contractors, and corporations.


Homes – We can veneer homes with brick, stucco, rock, stone, or block. We do home refacing, brick mailboxes, address signs, and masonry repairs (from driveways to chimneys).

Concrete  – from driveways and sidewalks, up to the steps to your door!

Fence Work  – All types of masonry fencing (brick, block, rock, stone, stucco) including decorative brick fencing, lattice style fencing with columns, or brick columns with aluminum or Charleston-style ironwork

Blueprints – small scale designing for homeowners and HOA approval
Design and consultation services

Stone Work  Stone work of all types, using specialize techniques to satisfy our customer

Patios  – designing and installing any type of patio, from plain concrete to brick to tile to rock

Fireplace – indoor or outdoor conventional fireplaces or decorative non-vented gas fireplaces

Fire Pits -  Custom fire pits of all sizes and shapes to beautify your home and keep you warm

Pressure Washing - On homes, driveways and patios