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Art Work Masonry provides extraordinary customer attention. We care about the final product. Our dedicated, hard-working team goes the extra mile to make sure your dreams are realized. Satisfaction guaranteed! And, we are the only masonry contracting company with an outdoor showroom.
Formed in 1993 to meet a need in the Myrtle Beach area for quality masonry creations. Jason Alston, the founder of Art Work Masonry, stated, “My vision is to become a household name—when you think of brick, I want you to think of Artwork Masonry.”

Jason started construction work at an early age working summers for an older brother. Even as a young child he preferred to “construction” to “destruction.” He learned the art of masonry in high school masonry classes as well as on the job.

After working for others for 12 years, he ventured out on his own hoping to bring out the artistic side of what is traditionally considered to be a “hard” medium, bringing out the pure elegance hiding in mortar, brick or stone.