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Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces

 - Fabulous Fireplace Options You Can Be Proud Of - 

For ambiance and mood-setting, nothing beats a toasty warm fire with its captivating flames. Art Work Masonry can design and build an outdoor fireplace for your patio or cabana, or a charming fire pit, which will allow full view of the fire from any angle. A brisk evening, which would otherwise prohibit outdoor dining or relaxing can be enjoyed to the fullest in front of a cozy fire.

Whether you want a wood burning or gas burning fireplace, your outdoor expert will work with you for the finest in fireplace design. The goal is to optimize your outdoor environment and to maximize the functionality and beauty of your fireplace. Art Work Masonry will work with you to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship and durability to keep your fireplace or fire pit enjoyable for years to come.
Any kind of brick or stone project, including a fireplace, can increase the market value of your home.  We enhance your living spaces with stunning fireplaces that will transform any ordinary room or patio into a cozy and inviting sanctuary.
From conception to completion, Art Work Masonry has the necessary skills and experience to make your masterpiece. No matter the size or scope of your project, we are ready to make you say, “Wow!”